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Waska Tatay

Waska Tatay


Raphaël Verona / Thomas Rousset
144 pages, 22.5 x 30 cm, hardcover (English/French/Spanish)
A real-fantasized journey between reality and fiction through a haunted company syncretic beliefs and magic. Photographic work of Raphael Verona and Thomas Rousset made mainly in Bolivia Altiplano region (La Paz, Oruro, Potosi, Irupana South Yungas). Waska Tatay wants to question our relationship to reality: we were struck by how myths come to life when they are shared in the collective unconscious, which is mainly what we wanted to show. The mix of images seemingly spontaneous, yet also built with other much mise-en-scene evidence of our desire to create an ambiguous language, the border of reality and fantasy, the image of our perception of Bolivia.

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