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The Power of Pure Idea

The Power of Pure Idea


352 pages, 14 x 19.5 cm, softcover (English)
This book is the republication of a selection of articles and interviews published in IDPURE magazine between 2004 — the year of its creation — and 2016. From the early articles where the initial idea was to inspire a wider audience, open to their visual environment, to the most recent articles where information becames more targeted, with an international dynamic, for discerning readers who question the graphic trends and their visual influences, in a changing cultural, social and economic context. This “pocket” book is an inventory and the result of a concerted work by professionals, consultants, researchers and professors in the visual arts industry, who are interested in the singular career of professional artists, to try to identify new fields of creation, and professional practices for the entire profession.
Limited to 500 copies

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