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96 pages, 22 x 29 cm, softcover (English)
Cabinet of curiosities: Collection of objects with particular taste
Projects: 100 Best Posters Of The Year / The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2014 / Library of The Printed Web / Untold Stories / Embru
Dossier: Designing Play – Understanding Publications / About Playgrounds, 1950 – 80 / Interview with Gabriela Burkhalter by Jane Cheng Schindler
Good Read: Write It Town – Or The Bid For An Urban Renewal Through An Hybridization Of Writing By Frank AdebiayeJennifer in Paradise. Interview with Constant Dullaart by Joël Vacheron
Portfolio: Alice Kolb, Kees Bakker, Arbeitskollektiv
Education: Can You Prevent Nightmares (With Clients)? by Steven Heller Carla Peer / Clément Rouzaud / Jesse Katabarwa / Marianna Calagna

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