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96 pages, 22 x 29 cm, softcover (English)
Cabinet of curiosities: Collection of objects with particular taste

Projects: Typography Diary. Kwan, Seoul, South Korea / LzDt—Labor für zeitgenössische Darstellungstechniken. Ingmar Spiller and Johannes Ammler, Berlin, Germany / Ficciones Typografika, Erik Brandt, Minneapolis, USA / Actively Learn. Actively Learn, Inc., Schema Design, Seattle, USA / DT3: Faster, Higher, Stronger. Sulki&Min, Seoul, Korea
Dossier: Visual Experimentation In Tristram Shandy. Essay + Interview with designers Emma Thomas, Kirsty Carter and Anna Lisa Reynolds by Jane Cheng Schindler
Portfolio: John Morgan Studio, Kolektiv studio, István Szugyiczky
Typografische Abteilung: AbteilungAdventures In Algorithmic Cultures, Essay by Nicolas Nova / Researching within design? Essay by Jonas Berthod, ECAL / A Youth in the Youth Culture by Steven Heller
Education: Lisa Charlotte Rost / Mary Ponomareva / Gilles de Brock

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