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96 pages, 22 x 29 cm, softcover (English)
Cabinet of curiosities: Collection of objects with particular taste
Projects: Amnesty Aktion, Fons Hickmann m23 – Building for Brussels, Project Projects – Collage Culture, Aaron Rose and Mandy Kahn, design by Brian Roettinger – In Graphics, Golden Section Graphics – We Are Here: Art & Design Out of Context Sonnenzimmer
Dossier: Re + Vival, Essay + interview by Jane Cheng – Revived or Rehashed? Technique, Tradition, Transformation, interviews with François Rappo and Ian Party
Portfolio: Studio Joost Grootens, Workroom, Feed, NoseTypografische Abteilung Nara, the Typeface that Never Existed, by Andrej Kràtky / Searching for the Appropriate Investment of Design, Interview with Lars Müller by Thierry Häusermann / The Real Helvetica: A Designer Restores the Original Font, by Steven Heller
Education: Ghazaal Vodjani / Louise Paradis / Brian Okarski

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