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96 pages, 22 x 29 cm, softcover (English)
Cabinet of curiosities: Collection of objects with particular taste

Projects: Hubrecht Institute from CLEVER°FRANKE – Issimbow, Shin Matsunaga – Barcelona Poesías from Pablo Martín – Romeo and Juliet, Beetroot – Opération Divas, LESS DESIGN
Dossier: Bringing them Back from the Dead – Interview Magazine Redesigns and the Digital Age. From Templates to Algorithmic Design – Interview with Roger Black
​​​​​​​Portfolio: Mitsuo Katsui, Poststudio, Thijs VerbeekMiulli associatiTypografische Abteilung Delivering Creativity for a MovingWorld – Interview with James Bull / The Primacy of the Pixel, by Gustavo Ferreira / The Book and the Time Machine, by Steven Heller

Education: 1405 / Milan Nedved / Daniel Tauber / David Barraud

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