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216 pages, 17.5 x 23.5 cm, softcover (English)
Today and in our “economic” model, we are experiencing a phenomenon of interesting social and cultural transgressions based on the methods of recovery of artefacts, of repair, reuse and recycling of everyday objects, as well as “low tech” DIY. Not only because these are practices essential to the improvement of the sustainability of an item, but also because they allow people without expertise to express themselves in a creative and consistent way and to find personal satisfaction in having successfully transformed and given new life to objects around them which had become obsolete. Today, the personal manufacturing of a majority of objects is accessible to everyone thanks to new methods of production that were previously available only to large organisations. The user is no longer just a passive consumer, lost in a spiral of compulsive consumption, but is able to become a creative “appropriator,” a pirate, a tinkerer and even a co-designer

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