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Fellini 8 1/2

Fellini 8 1/2


Exclusive and rare color photographs by Paul Ronald
168 pages, 20 x 24 cm, hardcover (English/French)
8 1/2, is about the film that Guido Anselmi, a movie director played by Marcello Mastrolanni, is trying to finalize. On a rest cure at a spa, the exhausted and depressed moviemaker is confronted with his own doubts and confusion. All around him, actors beg for their script, journalists ask their questions and the producer worries. A featherbrained mistress, a bitter spouse, a critical writer, an evanescent muse, inquiring friends and skeptical priests complete the setting. The only thing we actually see of the movie In project is the set, a gigantic aircraft built at great cost by the producer...

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