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Dr. Smartphone

Dr. Smartphone


Nicolas Nova & Anaïs Bloch
An ethnography of mobile phone repair shops
204 pages, 17 x 23.5 cm, softcover with flaps (English)
“Dr. Smartphone,” “Mobile City Center,” “Docteur IT,” “iklinik,” “La clinique du téléphone cellulaire,” “Phonetime,” “iPhone clinique,” “Smartphone clinique,” “Phone services…” These are some of the names of a new type of business that has appeared in towns and villages in the past ten years: smartphone repair stores represent the most visible element of this ecosystem, but similar practices can be seen in hackerspaces, Fab labs, and temporary venues such as repair cafés. The services provided vary, but they tend to focus on the material elements of the handset or terminal...
Limited to 500 copies

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