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Dossier Hospitalier

Dossier Hospitalier

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Marc Renaud
96 pages, 22 x 28 cm, stapled binding (français/anglais/allemand)
A In 1996, the Culture Department of the Canton of Fribourg (Switzerland) launched the "Fribourg Photographic Survey". Every two years, after a competition, a photographer is given the opportunity to carry out a survey on a topic he has researched. The result is then exhibited - sometimes published - and preserved in the University library. This project is part of a global policy to encourage creation and also enables the development of a photographic heritage specific to each Canton. The survey 2014 was entrusted to Marc Renaud. This ninth edition portrays the Fribourg hospital (HFR) in the context of hospital reforms. With humanism and a touch of humor, it illustrates the hierarchical issues, power relations, the rituals of hospital and external actors that revolve around this business changing.

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